A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


A short quiz program designed for my Software Design and Development major work.  A visual novel style 'dating agency' or adoption quiz aimed to match you with a  dog that is your 'perfect match'  and with a short visual novel interaction at the end.  I aim to create a 'cute' and 'healing' game which satisfies the NESA requirements for the work. 


How to play:

Click the message window/textbox to advance with the game.

When presented with multiple branch options, please pick the desired answer to advance with the quiz

Right clicking make the message box temporarily disappear (in case anyone wanted to look at the background) 


Please report and bugs, mistakes, errors or typos in the comment section! It helps me out with my portfolio and documentation!

Note: The game having a bit of black border to the right is a known issue caused by the resolution I created the game in and something I can't fix. Also, if you scroll up on your mouse or touchpad while the pointer is on the game, the backlog will be brought up. I orginally didn't intend for the backlog to be in the game so the graphical interface was not optimised!!  Sorry for any inconveniences!!


mac_2018823_113350.zip 112 MB
windows_2018823_112816.zip 108 MB


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Hii, I really liked your game, allthough it was a little too much like a test I'd take online. It was fun tho! Keep doing what you do and love <3 (it looks really cute by the way aaaaaa)

Does anybody know any games like this?

The game was heavily inspired by Other Age by Zeiva and based of those online quizzes you can find on Google. I think Steam released a Cat dating sim called Purrfect Date. Here’s some starting points. Thanks for playing! 

This was a very good quiz! To be completely honest, the answer kind of surprised me and I was a little salty for a bit. However, I absolutely loved the artwork, the programming was crisp and clean, and the narrative was very interesting. If you're interested, I made a quick video about your game on my channel. Thanks for all your time and efforts; I hope you continue making games!

Thanks so much for playing the game! Really hope you enjoyed it! Loved the video + your sense of humour! To clarify, Yes, you got a cat. Dropster, the artists drew so much dogs in one sitting that she couldn’t draw cats anymore so that weird cat you see is the result of that lol. 

So cute! Hope yout teacher gave you an A+! Art is nice and sweet, and I loved the idea to see what my perfect dog wuold be. I have a Vizsla and, of course, he's the best dog in the world, but my dates are pretty too <3